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About Us

MiniProjectorX is an innovative online retailer destination that values contemporary style, pleasure and quality at an affordable level of price. Here at MiniProjectorX.com we pride ourselves on being part of the “ME” generation. We believe our elegant customers are too busy conquering the world to go hunting down the latest trends. Everything you need for a chic look, no matter your price point you will find in us. Shopping to us is more than a transaction, it’s a lifestyle.

At MiniProjectorX, we are proud to offer our customers the latest trends. Our specially curated team of sophisticated and fun millennials are sure to bring you the industry’s most cutting-edge items from the most popular and creative brands, all put together in one place. We offer our customers a complete, hand-picked collection of apparel and accessories from the industry’s leading contemporary and designer brands. We are committed to offering our customers signature products with supreme service. Our perfectly select team of buyers and new partnerships with designer brands brings our customer's shopping experience to a whole new level, providing them with a unique concept of what’s best for every season. We are confident you will be running home to open up your MiniProjectorX.com package.

Who we are is our equitable and ethic hardwork. Thanks for trying to know more about us.